CF3000 srl was founded in 1999 as R&D of advanced electronics.  Active in particular in the automotive sector, it has become a reference for the development and design of solutions for on-board vehicle electronic collaborating with some of the world's leading manufacturers.

A team of designers and programmers ultra skilled helped to make CF3000 one of the Italian most innovative and versatile in the field of automotive original equipment, creating solutions that are now integrated on the most prestigious cars and on vehicles used daily for your travels or for your work.

By partnering with other industry leaders,over the years CF3000 created products that have found excellent location in the aftermarket among which diagnostic testers, control gateway, can-bus, service equipment, data acquisition systems and control units to interface the original systems for third-party devices,and reliability solutions for high-quality alternative to the original.

The range of products for the infotainment systems from the desire to consolidate its presence in the aftermarket of automotive eletronics having behind decades of experience in research and development of solutions for the original equipment.


To propose innovative electronic solutions to bring the customer edge.
To assist customers in development and engineering, to become an independent a know-how.
• Electronics applied to vehicles and boats
• Hardware Design
• Software Design
• Systems Integration Testing and development for engines, vehicles and boats.

Research and Development:
• Engine control unit.
• Diagnostic Tester.
• Controllers OBD diagnostics.
• Management and CAN protocols KEYWORD 2000.
• Telemetry systems.
• Electronic systems for boats.
• Electronics applied to vehicles and boats.
• Engine calibration.
• Calibration of dedicated electronic systems.
• Software development.
• Measurement machines, laboratory testing and production.
• Consulting and Appraisals.

• Diagnostic systems
• Infotainment systems
• LPG systems
• Engine tuning electronics


CF3000 Testing Lab is equipped with some special tools
allowing detailed and advanced testing and validation procedures:

- Roller Dyno
- HIL (Hardware In the Loop) engine Simulator - NI
- OBD and specific diagnostic tools
- Gas Analyzer (HC, CO, NOx, lambda)
- Professional electronic measurement tools
- Self-engineered electronic special testing tools

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CF3000 has been approved for the manufacturing of automotive components